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This season’s trends are all about plush velvet, plush textures, and cozy fabrics. As the weather cools, I couldn’t be more excited! That’s why for this week’s accessory DIY, we’ll be making a pretty little velvet infinity scarf. This cozy scarf goes with almost anything, layers easily, and can even double as a holiday gift. Make one for you…and then one for a friend. 😉

Make This DIY Velvet Infinity Scarf in less than 20 minutes

Before we get started on this little project, be sure to block out about 20 minutes of time and get your supplies together. This project goes quickly and is easy to make even if you are a beginning sewer.


DIY this Velvet Infinity Scarf in less than 20 minutes

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The Process:

Start by taking your fabric (1/2 yard) and folding it in half hot dog style with the plush (pretty) sides together. Pin into place.

Make a DIY Velvet Infinity Scarf in less than 30 minutes

Now, sew the entire length of the velvet to create a long tube.

Flip it inside out and fold it in half again. You should be left with something that looks like this:

Free People Inspired DIY Velvet Infinity Scarf

Believe it or not, you are almost done. Now we just need to attach the two ends together to create a full circle, thus making it an “infinity” scarf. To do this, pin the two ends together making sure to have the pretty side of the fabric facing the other pretty side.

DIY Velvet Infinity Scarf Fall Accessory

Head back over to your sewing machine and begin. When you get close to making a full circle, stop and detach from the machine. You will finish the tiny hole on one side by hand.

DIY Velvet Infinity Scarf in less than 20 minutes

Your scarf should look nearly complete but have one small hole in the base like pictured. Use a hand-sewing needle to close up the hole and you are done.

Easy enough right?

You can wear this scarf either by looping it around your neck once for a longer, draped look or twice for a thicker, warmer scarf.

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DIY this Free People Inspired Velvet Infinity Scarf Fall AccessoryMake This DIY this Free People Inspired Velvet Infinity ScarfDIY a Free People Inspired Velvet Infinity Scarf Fall Accessory


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