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With gift-giving season in full swing, what better time to make unique jewelry for everyone on your list? This week, we’ll be making these awesome earrings from an old recycled vinyl record!

To make this project, you will need about an hour of time, some basic supplies (scroll down for aff. shoppable links) and an old vinyl record. Most thrift stores carry a collection of them for about a quarter each. The best part? You’ll be able to make several earring sets from a single record!

How to DIY earrings from a recycled vinyl record

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Now let’s get back to this project…….


How to Make Vinyl Record Earrings:

How to DIY earrings out of recycled vinyl recordsBefore we begin, it’s important to note that you can’t easily cut a room-temperature vinyl record. Chances are, it will shatter and crack. To avoid this, just stick your record in the oven on a cookie sheet for 3-5 minutes at 200 degrees. You will only have about 15-25 seconds before the record hardens and cools between cuts, so take it out and cut what you can before putting it back on the cookie sheet to be reheated and cut again.

To make the vinyl pendants for your earrings, heat your vinyl at 200 degrees for 4 minutes before removing the record and cutting into strips. Then, return them to the oven again until they become pliable and remove to create the twisted shapes.

DIY earrings out of recycled vinyl records

Next, we get to mold the vinyl. Creating the twisted shape is surprisingly simple. Hold each end of your vinyl strip between separate fingers and gently twist in opposite directions. If the vinyl is still warm and pliable, it will easily twist into the shape you want. Again, the vinyl will cool relatively quickly so work fast!

Make these DIY earrings from recycled vinyl records

Now that your pendants are the general shape you’d like them, it’s time to finish them off and smooth any rough or raw edges. Take out your fine sandpaper and gently smooth any corners and sections that didn’t cut smoothly.

Make these earrings from recycled vinyl records

The final step to making your recycled vinyl record into an earring pendant is to use a drill to create tiny holes in the top of your twist. Be sure to make them close enough to the top for a metal ring to slide through.

Make these earrings out of recycled vinyl records

The final step is to simply slide an earring hook (and a few decorative jewelry chains) through your jewelry ring to make the pendant an actual earring. I liked the look of layering the chains so they fell at an asymmetrical, imperfect length.

Well guys I hope you liked this week’s accessory tutorial! Working with vinyl records can be so fun and allows you to play with a new and unexpected medium. Plus, you can make a mini-collection of earrings from a single record. The best part of DIY has got to be your own ability to play around with new ideas and make the project your own. So let me know how it goes and how yours turned out in the comments below!

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How to DIY earrings out of a recycled vinyl recordMake these DIY earrings out of recycled vinyl recordsHow to make DIY earrings out of recycled vinyl records

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