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 Hey crafter! A lot of you guys have reached out and asked questions about how to install and use a walking foot sewing machine attachment. In this quick and easy article, I’ll show you how!

how to install a walking foot sewing machine attachment

A walking foot is a presser foot that is helpful for so many different projects. From quilts to jeans and jackets to leather, a walking foot sewing machine attachment comes in really handy. The reason? It has an extra set of feed dogs so a walking foot is going to press your fabric through your sewing machine from both the top and the bottom. It’s going to create a lot more even stitches and is going to be a lot easier on your sewing machine when you’re working with thicker fabric.

A walking foot is a great attachment to always have on hand in your toolbox and is always easy to come back to. But the big question is, how do you install it?

That’s where this video breaks it down in a way a lot of other videos leave out. That way, you can get started and on your way without the frustration.

Now, a walking foot can look really intimidating and a little wonky, yet installing it is actually pretty simple once you learn this little tip.

There’s a movable bar at the top of your walking foot that needs to go over the screw on the inside of her sewing machine. Here’s an angle to help make it easy as you install:

how to use a walking foot sewing machine attachment tips and tricks

Your walking foot attachment basically installs the way any other presser foot does. However, you’re going to make sure that the moveable bar rests on top of the pictured bar on your sewing machine. From here, we’re just going to tighten it into place.

Without this movable arm resting in the correct position, you’re walking foot isn’t going to move up and down correctly. I’m not sure why so many sewing vidoes leave this important element out!

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When To Use A Walking Foot Sewing Machine Attachment:

A walking foot comes in handy for so many projects. Here’s a quick list of fabrics and projects that may be easier with a walking foot:

I hope this little video made it easier to get started and eliminated some of the confusion!