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Have you ever found that perfect wide leg pants pattern that you never, ever, ever want to them off? The kind that seems to somehow blur the lines between weightless pajama pants and office-ready trousers? Seems impossible right?

wide leg pants pattern

That’d be pretty cool is somebody created a sewing pattern so you could make an entire closet of these miracle pants right?

wide leg pants pant collage

You could make them in prints, in medium-weight knits, and even in silks and non-stretch fabrics (as long as the waistband is a stretch-knit to allow for the pull-on waistband to work correctly.

Well ladies, today I’m so crazy excited to finally release a project I’ve been working on for months with you. 


I’ve created this printable sewing pattern and then re-created it again and again, perfecting the size and fit until it was just right.

how to sew wide leg palazzo pants

This wide leg pant features a wide, stretch waistband that emphasises your waist while still being incredibly feminine, stylish and most importantly, comfortable. It lays flat across your waistline with absolutely zero bulk and the most comfortable fit.

Then, the wide leg pant is crazy-comfortable (and very on-trend right now) so you can wear it with tucked in shirts, casual tees, or even a tailored blazer for the office. I designed the legs of these pants to be flowy and breezy to give you the most comfortable fit possible.

Note: This a digital sewing pattern. It comes as an instant download that you can print from any at-home printer. To read my post on how to print, use, and store Printable Pdf Sewing Patterns, Click Here.

how to sew wide leg pants pattern

But I think my favorite thing about this wide leg pants pattern is how easy it is to put together. Block out just an hour and a half of your time and you’re good to go. This pattern comes in just a few pieces and is super-straightforward to put together. There’s even a handy little video sew-along just in case you ever get stuck.

So without further ado, are you ready to get started? Snag the printable wide leg pants pattern below and let’s get started!

Wide Leg Pants Pattern Supplies

Video Tutorial:

How To Put Your Wide Leg Pants Together

Assemble and print out your pattern. Then, lay out your fabric and cut out your pattern pieces. You will need to cut out two leg pieces and one waistband piece.

1 How to put together this wide leg pants pattern

Take one leg piece and set it aside. With your right sides together, Fold the leg in half, lining up your side seams.

How to put together this wide leg pants pattern

Pin the side seams together and sew. You can either use a serger or a narrow zig-zag stitch with a ballpoint needle. 

Repeat on the other side so you have two legs that resemble long tubes.

Now, it’s time to attach the legs together at the crotch. With the right sides together, match your pant pieces together at the center back and pin. Then, work your way around the crotch of your pants until you are at the center front. Sew together.

5 How to put together this wide leg pants pattern

Now your project is beginning to resemble pants. It’s time to finish them off by adding the waistband. Set your leg pattern pieces aside and get your waistband pattern piece out.

Fold your waistband in half “hamburger” style so the short ends are together. Sew.

3 How to put together this wide leg pants pattern

Now you have a short tube of fabric. Bring each end of your stitch line together by folding the waistband in half so the raw seams are together. 

2 How to put together this wide leg pants pattern

Place a pin at the stitchline. This will mark your center back. Then, stretch your waistband tube in either direction to find the exact opposite side. Place a pin here to mark the center front. Next, hold your waistband on either side and stretch to pull the two needles together, finding the location of your side seams. Pin to mark. This technique is called the “quartered off” method.

If this step is at all confusing, just watch the video tutorial above for a detailed explanation.

Now that your waistband is marked with center back, center front, and side seams, it’s time to match those points up with your pant legs. Pin in place.

4 How to put together this wide leg pants pattern

Stretch the waistband to sew. This will create the gathered look at the top of your wide leg pants and a fitted waistline.

Hem the bottom of your pant-legs.

easy wide leg pants pattern for sewists

Now comes the best part! You get to wear, love, wash and repeat! 

I’ve created this wide leg pant pattern in medium-weight knits, lightweight ITY jersey, and even neoprene fabrics. (You can check out my sewing tips on working with neoprene here) I’ve even replaced the gathers with pleats to create a new look. Either way, this printable sewing pattern is super simple to put together and has never let me down. I’m so excited to be able to share it with you!

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