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Boho Decor Woven Wall Art DIY

Today’s DIY Woven Wall Art is probably my favorite part of my living room decor. I love the texture and the clean lines it adds to the space. Plus, since you can make it yourself, it will seamlessly blend with your existing decor and compliment whatever colors you are already using.

While shopping around for woven wall art, I could never find something that was exactly what I was looking for… and the ones that were close were just too expensive. This little project cost me less than $15.00 and can be completed in under an hour.

Modern Woven Wall Art DIY

DIY Woven Wall Art Supplies:

To make this wall art, you will need a few supplies. Amazon has some great options with these (aff.) links below:

Easy DIY Woven Wall Art Decor Supplies

I chose 3 different but complimentary colors of yarn. I love the extra texture and fullness of they create.

DIY Woven Wall Art Decor Supplies


Easy DIY Woven Wall Art Decor with embroidery Hoops

Start by removing the outer ring from your embroidery hoops. You should be left with 2 round circles without any metal hardware.

If you like the natural wood look, feel free to leave the circular shapes alone. I wanted mine to have a gold hue so painted them before I attached any yarn.

How to make your own Easy DIY Woven Wall Art Decor

Next, string 3 strands of thick yarn through both circles. This will make up the braid at the top of your wall hanging.

Simple Modern Woven Wall Art DIY Tutorial

Braid the yarn strands together to secure the wooden rings in place. Now your base it done!

Easy DIY Woven Wall Art Decor

Gently loop 5 strands of yarn through the smaller hoop. Be sure they are roughly the same size. I made these about 36″ when folded in half.

Easy Woven Wall Art DIY . Home Decor

Loop the yarn through itself and tighten to secure.

How to Make This Woven Wall Art DIY

Do this two more times so you have 3 thick pieces hanging from your smaller hoop.

Make A Minimalist Woven Wall Art DIY

Fold the yarn from your smaller hoop up so create space to work with your lower loop.

Knot 5 more strands of yarn on the bottom loop. I made these longer than the smaller loop to create a layered effect when the project was done.

Easy Woven Wall Art DIY Home Decor

Continue adding yarn until it it wider than the first layer on the smaller hoop and frames it nicely.

Make This Scandinavian Woven Wall Art DIY

Next, add some white yarn to either side (I also added some in the center of my bottom row afterwards) to frame the darker yarn and add some contrast.

Make This Minimalist Woven Wall Art DIY

Hang your hoops to the wall and comb the yarn strands with your fingers.

The bottom of your woven wall art should look something like this:

Modern Woven Wall Art Decor DIY Tutorial

Use scissors to carefully cut straight lines and add whatever details into the yarn that you would like.

I opted for a straight line across my top layer and a sharp V for the bottom layers. Make your woven wall art your own and play around with the drape.

Modern Woven Wall Art DIY Tutorial

Comb through the strands with your fingers one more time so the yarn falls straight. You are done!

Custom, awesome woven wall art that you just made yourself!

Make This Woven Wall Art DIY

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