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DIY Five Minute Fall Home Decor Wreath Tutorial

This autumn, I have taken a vow to enjoy the season to it’s absolute fullest, avoid whining about the cold weather, and decorate my house for every holiday… even Halloween, Easter, & Valentine’s Day. (Why do I always skip those?) My front porch vision isn’t complete yet, but I just had to show you guys how to make your own fall wreath in under 5 minutes.

This project is awesome because you probably don’t have hours set aside in a day to decorate and re-decorate and take on seasonal project after season project. This one packs a lot of “festive punch” – if that’s even a thing, and can actually be completed in five minutes or less.

Five minutes.

My seven year old takes longer to go to the bathroom than that. That means that in the time I spend waiting for her to use the bathroom, I could bust this DIY out and have my front door looking fun and festive for fall.

DIY Five Minute Fall Wreath

Supplies To Make A 5 Minute Wreath:

DIY Five Minute Fall Wreath Supplies

This project truly takes minimal supplies. You will need several fake flowers and a foam Wreath Base.

The 5 Minute DIY:

DIY Five Minute Fall Wreath Tutorial Supplies

First, you’re going to take all of your fake flowers and trim each stem. Using strong scissors (depending on the thickness of your stems, you may even want to use these.) cut each stem to be able 3 inches in length.

Next, stick each flower into your foam wreath base. I like to start with my larger ones and then fill in the gaps with smaller ones. This should allow you to cover your wreath base with less flowers overall.

DIY Front Door Fall Wreath Home Decor InstructionsDIY Front Door Fall Wreath Home Decor DIY

Continue circling your wreath until the entire base is completely covered.

Sticking the stems into the foam base should be easy and provide a secure fit. For the project, you shouldn’t ever have to heat up a hot glue gun or use any other adhesives. It’s really so simple!

DIY Front Door Fall Wreath Home Decor TutorialEasy DIY Five Minute Fall Wreath Tutorial

Hang & Enjoy!

I just hung this wreath on a basic wreath hanger that slides over my door, piled some pumpkins around it, and viola! Instant autumn festivity!

Make This DIY Five Minute Fall Wreath Tutorial

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you liked this idea, I bet you’d also love my post on 15 Fall DIY’s. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 🙂

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DIY Front Door Fall Wreath Home Decor