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How To Make A Headband that works with all DIY face mask tutorials. Relieve the pull from sore ears by making this simple headband that compliments all DIY Face Masks or store-bought dust masks. This project makes every mask more comfortable so they can be worn for longer.

Yesterday’s DIY Face Mask was so much fun! However, several of you asked about the accompanying headband tutorial to make face masks more comfortable for long periods of time. So, today I thought I would dedicate an entire post to creating them.

headbands for homemade face masks

Whether you are making a no-sew face mask or a sewn mask, homemade face masks can start to pull or irritate your ears after extended wear.

It’s the number one complaint I’ve heard from nurses about fabric masks.

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To remedy this, you can make this simple headband tutorial to get a more comfortable fit for extended wear. Often, medical masks can start to irritate and pull uncomfortably on your ears when they are worn for long periods of time. This simple headband design is a quick and easy project that takes all the pressure off your ears and makes snug, medical masks incredibly comfortable to wear all day.

how to make a face mask printable sewing pattern


How To Sew A Headband Video Sew-Along

How To Sew A Headband For A DIY Face Mask

To make the DIY face Mask headband, cut one piece of stretch fabric to 6″ wide and 16″ long. make sure your fabric is extra stretchy!

Tip: You could even use a spare t-shirt if you don’t have any fabric on hand.

how to make a headband

Your first step in assembling your headband is to fold it in half hot-dog style and pin along the long, top edge.

You can sew it in place with either a zig-zag stitch on a standard sewing machine with a ballpoint needle or using a serger.

Once your fabric is sewn, it’s time to flip it right side out. Lay your seamline carefully in the center of your tube. This is going to be the back edge of your headband and it’s also going to give your buttons more durability.

From here, you’re going to fold it in half again, hamburger style. Pin and sew along the short edge. This is going to complete the tube that is going to be your headband.

Once the short edge of your headband is sewn, it is basically complete and ready for wear. Feel free to try it on to make sure it’s comfortable before adding your buttons.

To get the correct button placement, measure 1 1/2″ in from your back seamline and place your buttons there. In this tutorial, the larger the button, the better because it will make it easier to wrap your elastic around them when you are on your way out the door.

how to make a headband for face masks

Use a hand-sewing needle and thread to attach your buttons to your headband.

Once your buttons are sewn in place, your headband is ready to wear with your new DIY face mask.

headbands for face masks to not hurt ears

This headband is so comfortable to wear and connects to the elastic or side ties of your face mask. It takes all the pressure off your ears so you can get a snug, tight fit and still be comfortable.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and learned how to make a headband that makes this hectic time a little bit more comfortable. Truly, I hope you found this tutorial useful during this chaotic time.