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I love this girl. Since the day she was born, she has always been a huge personality packed inside an adorably tiny body. She is constantly learning, climbing, challenging, painting, singing, jumping, coloring, and finding new ways to express herself. Each of my kids has taught me so much and I am constantly reminded of how much more they really know about life than I assume.

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My kids have changed me in so many ways and yes… now I don’t wince when I wipe somebody else’s nose, I do odd things like cut grapes in half (or quarters) without thinking twice, and am strangely aware of 4 other little humans hygiene and bowel movements.  Along with these quirks of becoming a mom I have also developed some pretty awesome skills and habits too. I’m a much better communicator with my husband, have so much more patience overall, have forced myself to learn to cook something other than ramen or macaroni. It’s crazy to think how much they have changed my life in just a few years and imagine everything we will do together in the future. In the grand scheme of things, I’ve been a mom for less than a decade and I will get to watch them grow for several more before they head off to tackle the world.

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Zoe’s big personality has always led to an even bigger opinion on what she wears. I think it’s pretty incredible and funny how she’ll demand to dress herself and then pose in front of the mirror after she’s ready for the day. She’ll run to every other member of the family and ask that they “look at my beautiful dress” until we have all acknowledged how great her style is. While my other girls have loved dressing up, this one takes it to a whole new level and has a lot of fun with it.

Looking back on my awkward, self-conscious teenage years, my older sister gave me the best advice I think anyone could give. I would go through her closet or jewelry box and say how I wished I could pull a look off or wished I could wear ponchos all the time like she did and she would simply say, “If you like it, wear it.” SimpleIt didn’t matter what my friends were doing or what I thought I should wear. If it made me feel great, that’s what really mattered.

I think my two year old grasps and embraces this better than most of us. Our own joy in self expression is taught out of us and each day when I dress her, I am reminded of this basic and absolutely mandatory lesson. Sure, some days she wears a tiara while we run errands…. but I can’t think of a real reason why not.

Right now, she’s got this whole boho/ diva thing going on and I kinda love it.

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As for me, I’m still growing and changing too. As each new season approaches, I view it as a fresh start and take a new look at my closet and how my style has changed.

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This little walk downtown was so much fun to share with my little munchkin. I hope you are all having an incredible Mother’s Day week and spending extra time with the people you love!

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