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We all know we’re supposed to clean our makeup brushes, but honestly, who has the extra time for cleaning makeup brushes? In this week’s Beauty DIY, I’m walking you through the fastest, easiest, 2-step method of cleaning your dirty brushes in record time with household items. Trust me, even on busy mornings, you’ve got time for brush cleaning. If you don’t clean your brushes it can not only damage the brushes themselves, but also your skin!

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

With regular use, makeup brushes are supposed to be cleaned every single week. But before we dive in, is it really that important to spend time cleaning makeup brushes so often?

The Easiest Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

Most women don’t clean their brushes nearly often enough and dirty ones are the source of so many headaches.

Have you ever started haveing acne breakouts or skin irritation for no reason at all?

Every wondered why your makeup isn’t going on as smooth lately?

Ever noticed the colors you’re applying aren’t quite as predictable as they once were?

rIF you ask a professional makeup artist, they clean their brushes after every use and there is a reason: It solves each of these problems…. and also helps to keep your germs to yourself.

The problem is, when are we actually going to have time to clean them?

Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I struggled with this so much and eventually started this simple little routine that cuts half the time in cleaning your set. All you will need is a tablespoon of Dawn Dish Soap (or Castile Liquid Soap is also a great option), a small bowl or cup of hot water and a clean towel for proper care. No need for a makeup brush cleaner or a fancy makeup brush cleanser! Just a gentle cleanser with simple ingredients works best for cleaning makeup brushes.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

First Step:

Combine the gentle soap and water. Mix well.

Second Step: 

Swirl the dirty makeup brushes (you can give them a good lather too if you wish) in the soapy clean water and rinse under the faucet.

Clean! No more breeding ground for germs! No more residue! Easy steps, right? Wasn’t that simple? A little bit of love with these small regular cleaning sessions goes a long way against any bacteria growth!

The Lazy Girl's 2 Step Guide To Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Granted, the best way is to prop your brushes up so the excess water drains out towards the bristles of your brush for best results, but honestly, I rarely have. Just lay each brush out on the towel (or paper towel) and they will be ready to use the following morning or whatever next use.

The point of this tutorial is simply to make cleaning your brushes faster and easier so it gets done, and then they last a long time. Pro Tip: A general rule of thumb is that any cleaning is better than none. If you liked this post and thought it was useful, check out some of my other beauty blog posts by clicking here, or going to Creative Fashion Blog.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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The Lazy Girl's 2 Step GuideTo cleaning Makeup Brushes