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How to copy your old clothes and make a tshirt sewing pattern

When it comes to making your own clothes, sometimes it’s an act of self-love, sometimes it saves money…. and sometimes it allows you live a slightly more elevated lifestyle than you previously enjoyed. I have completely transformed my life through DIY and you haven’t read my story yet, you can check it out here. 

Today’s tutorial is no exception.

It all started with a trip to the mall to find Jon some workout shirts. He has been working SO hard at the gym and it’s really showing.The only “problem” is that often, he’s been working out in regular old t-shirts. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with old t-shirts, the fabric they are made of just isn’t nearly as nice as athletic apparel.

The specialty fabrics in athletic apparel wick moisture away (ummm sweat) and can help regulate your body’s temperature in ways a cotton tshirt just can’t. Athletic apparel also stretches more and retains it’s shape while you’re doing activities like yoga, squats, etc. After months of hard work and body transformations, we decided that he absolutely deserved more clothes designated for the gym.

I mean… just check out his transformation!

The only problem was…… the crazy high price tag.

We wandered through shop after shop in the mall only to find that all the name-brand athletic shirts started at $75 for a t-shirt. What?!?! How on earth do people afford to buy several outfits at a time?!

Eventually Jon gave up and started looking for casual clothes.

But I had a plan scheming……

He tried on a basic t-shirt that he really liked in a funky print that was barely outside his comfort zone. It fit him perfectly and was cut to accentuate all the new muscles he had worked so hard to build. It was also just outside our price range. Since we had already designated some money towards workout gear, I encouraged him to buy it anyways. This shirt would become my pattern.

You see, once you understand some basic pattern-making skills, you can build patterns from the clothes you already have. Today I’m soooo excited to teach you how!

How to copy your old clothes and make your own patterns..

I waited until he was distracted and quietly went to work, creating a new tshirt sewing pattern that I would use to eventually make a full workout t-shirt wardrobe.

Picking Fabric For Your TShirt Sewing pattern

Luckily, I had some nice athletic fabric from a men’s golf collection I designed a few years ago. (Random I know… but that’s where my fabric came from.) If you don’t have fabric you’d like to use on hand, I recommend a 4-Way Stretch Nylon Spandex like this one.

How To Make A TShirt Sewing Pattern

How to copy your old clothes and make a simple tshirt sewing pattern

Now that my tshirt sewing pattern is complete, I can start to play around with new colors and prints, different sleeve lengths, and even add panels. in my new course that will be launching this spring, I’ll show you exactly how and together, we can build a new closet that you can’t wait to put on every morning!

For more information on my new signature course, Clone Your Clothes & Create A Closet You Love, click HERE.

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How to make a tshirt sewing pattern video tutorial


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