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Getting started with clothing refashion

Good morning! I’m writing this as I sit in my new office. If you follow my Instagram, you know we’ve been making the most incredible built-in closet to organize most of my clothes in here and as I was organizing everything last night, I realized I made or refashioned most of the things I wear. Seriously, 3/4 of the hangers in my closet hold clothes I have made!

It got me thinking.

In every DIY post here on Creative Fashion Blog, I always include a shoppable supply list so you can get everything you’ll need. But what if I could break it down even further, give you just the “bare-bones” basics, and somehow give you everything you’ll need to get started creating a closet you love without investing much money in supplies to begin?

That’s what this post is about.

I’ve scoured all of my Refashion DIY posts and taken a good, hard look at my own studio to give you guys this basic list. Below are all the supplies you need and the best deals on the most quality products to get you going.

5 Tools you need to makeover your closet

A Basic Sewing Machine (for less than $100)

This will be the biggest investment when you are just getting started so let’s just get it out of the way first. In order to do soooooo many awesome projects, you’ll need a basic sewing machine. It doesn’t need to be fancy. You’re really just looking for something that can do a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch. Also, avoid the “travel size” or “compact” sewing machines. Personally, I have never used one that worked very well…. or for long. Also, I recommend sticking with the well-established brands with proven track records like Singer, Brother, or Janome. When you are just getting started, you’ll be making a bunch of mistakes as you learn. (That’s how we grow!) Let’s be sure your new sewing machine isn’t working against you or breaking in the process. Here are several basic machines for less than $100.00

A Rotary Cutter & Fabric Scissors (for less than $10)

You’ll be using these all the time for every single project. I use these ones by Gingher that I bought when I was in school for fashion design and I have been using them almost every day for the past 7 years. The inexpensive ones may need to be replaced more often, but are absolutely perfect when you are just getting started.

A Basic Sewing Kit (for less than $10)

When you don’t have a lot of supplies and you’re just starting out, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck with a pre-packaged sewing kit. They usually come with a few different colors of thread, some bobbins for your sewing machine, a Measuring Tape, pin-cushion, a Seam Gauge, and some hand-sewing needles. If you bought each one individually, it will usually cost about double and you miss out on the cute, little carrying case to store it all in.

A Grid Ruler For Pattern-Making (for less than $10)

Regardless of if you are making your own patterns or just cutting apart what’s in your closet already, chances are, you’ll want to cut it in a straight line. A clear, grid ruler lets you make seam allowances easily and comes in handy during almost every project. I have both the 2″ x 18″ size and the 6″ x 18″ size and use one at some point during every single project. To save money on buying Tailors Chalk, you can use a soap bar to mark your fabrics and it will wash off with water.

Sewing Machine Needles (less than $4.00)

I don’t feel like these really need a full introduction. When you are using your new sewing machine, you’ll need the correct needle to actually use it. Using a Universal needle on stretchy fabrics will actually put tiny holes in the fabric as the needle moves up and down and damage your fabric. A ball point needle on woven fabric will cause the threads to tangle in your bobbin and be more difficult to sew. When you buy a sewing machine, it will come with a few different feet and a needle or two, but you should probably also have a Ball Point Needle for stretch fabrics and a Universal Machine Needle. Here are several options for less than $4.00

These 5 inexpensive tools will give you everything you need to get started with clothing refashion. It really is such a rewarding creative outlet and I’m excited for you to get started!

5 Cheap Tools Youll need to get started with clothing refashion

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