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With our days suddenly so much shorter (thank you daylight savings) and the cooler months upon us, I think it’s time for another sweater refashion don’t you? Today, let’s add suede elbow patches to a chunky sweater ….. just because we can.

DIY Suede Patch to refashion your Chunky Sweaters this winter

Like most things, the little details often bring a whole new level of appreciation to a piece. Subtle embroidery, an asymmetrical hemline, an unexpected stitch detail… you get the idea. Lately, I’ve loved mixing textures and this little sweater is no exception. The suede and knit compliment each other in a perfect way don’t you think?

DIY Suede Patch Tutorial A Sweater Refashion Idea

Supplies To Make A Suede Elbow Patch:

DIY Suede Elbow Patch Tutorial. Knit Sweater Refashion Idea

In addition to the supplies pictured above, you will also need a sheet of paper and ruler to make your pattern (not pictured.) Also, in full disclosure, I got this sweater from a thrift store (see the post on how to score at thrift shops HERE) for just $2.50 but posted a link to a similiar one on Amazon below. You can find everything you’ll need to make this DIY there via the shoppable links below:

The Process:

DIY Suede Elbow Patch Tutorial A Knit Sweater Refashion Idea

First, fold your sheet of paper in half and draw a semi-circle. From there, use your ruler to make the edges even and precise on both sides. When you unfold it, you should have a pattern that looks similiar to this:

DIY Suede Patch Tutorial A Knit Sweater Refashion Idea

Now take your scrap of suede fabric and fold it in half.

Lay your pattern on top of it and cut around the edges so you have 2 identical pieces.

Sweater Refashion Idea DIY Suede Patch TutorialA Sweater Refashion Idea DIY Suede Patch Tutorial

Use another sheet of paper to slide inside the sleeve of your sweater. This will keep you from accidentally sewing your sleeve together. Before you begin sewing, double check and mark where your elbow hits on your sleeve and then begin hand-sewing your patch into place.

Continue all the way around until your patch is completely attached to the sleeve. Repeat on the other side.

Suede Patch DIY to refashion your chunky sweaters

Slip on your new, comfy sweater and enjoy another cup of coffee. You deserve it!

Thank you so much for checking out this little DIY. If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

DIY Suede Patch yo refashion your Chunky Sweaters this winter

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DIY Suede Elbow Patch Tutorial Knit Sweater Refashion IdeaDIY Suede Patch yo refashion your Chunky Sweaters

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