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I love DIY Canvas Painting. I love how it creates a mood in a room, focus’s a color scheme, and creates a big statement. In our house, most of the large, abstract art on our walls was made by our kids. I love the memories, personality, and creativity each piece possesses. Our latest project gave a nod to the spring season and all the fresh air and outdoor fun to be had.


Egg Painting:

While making eggs the last few days, we started saving the shells and attempting to only break the top portion on the egg, leaving the bulk of the shell to hold paint.


When we had enough eggs, we diluted the acrylic paint (2 parts acrylic paint,1 part water)  to make it splatter easier and carefully poured the mixture into the eggs. Our canvas above is 5′ x 3 1/2′ and used 2 dozen eggs.

IMG_4381 IMG_4378

When it was time to start painting, we propped our canvas up outside and had the kids take turns chucking eggs. At first I stood behind it and tried to help prop it up, but that proved to be dangerous. haha!



The kids had such a great time.

Sometimes it’s great to get messy and let them be crazy. For me, chucking an egg as hard as you can at something can be therapeutic. The fact that I’ll be hanging it in the house afterwards is just a cherry on top. A very large, beautiful, artistic cherry.


So this spring, if you’d like to make your home a little prettier…and your backyard a little messier, try this art project. We’ve moved this painting all around the house and love it wherever it is. Let me know how it turned out in the comments! Happy Painting!

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  1. What kind of acrylic paint did you use? I’ve seen other websites and your paint seems to look thicker with more texture. Which I like.

    • I really just used the basic, inexpensive acrylic paint from a craft store. I even watered it down just slightly so it would splatter more. I’m so glad you like it!

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