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Don’t you just love huge art? After this tutorial, you’ll be able to make your own extra large wall art yourself with nothing but a spray bottle and some watercolors.

I love what a statement piece can do to a room and for me, it helps to have a focal point I can design a room around. While getting a large, mass-produced print is great, it’s even better to make one yourself with your kids! I love decorating our house with sentimental pieces that evoke a memory before opting for bought prints. Click HERE to see more DIY Wall Art projects we’ve done.

This was so much fun for a summer project and included all the kids.. You could absolutely just do this on your own, but I just like the chaos in art with my kiddos. The fact that they could still be in swimming suits while painting and spraying each other made it even better. They really loved it!


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How To Make Extra Large Wall Art

We began with an old IKEA print we had in the garage. I love the size, wooden canvas, and that it had an easy-to-paint frame.

Using some white paint we had on hand in the garage, we taped the frame off and painted the whole thing white. It took 2 coats and dried almost instantly in the hot sun. Harper kept insisting she wanted to help. I think she did a pretty good job!

Making statement art. Spray bottle art with kids

Now it was time for the kids to have some fun. I decided on 3 colors they could use and we took out spray bottles, large paint brushes, and watercolor. What I love about this art project is how much all the kids loved it. Zoe (18 months) had just as much fun as my 5 and 7 year olds.

Full tutorial Spray bottle art with kidsSummer Fun Spray bottle art with kids

We painted some rough strokes to get some paint on the board, then let the kids use their spray bottles of water to blend it all together. One kid would be painting with the brush while the others sprayed, and all in all it was a big, fun mess.

Summer Fun Spray Bottle Abstract Art art with kids

I let them go to town until the canvas was completely covered but wasn’t muddy looking.

It fits great on my living room wall and I love the pop of color. Maybe we’ll make another. 🙂

Summer Fun Spray Bottle Abstract Art art with kids. Full DIY I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know how your project goes in the comments below!