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My son has always hated my love of monochromatic blacks, grey, and whites so this week, we decided to add more color to our walls via this super-simple, tissue paper canvas. No joke- he insists my house looks like a cave. haha!

This DIY abstract art took only 30 minutes, looks great, and we had a great time together creating it. I let my little man decide if we were going to create straight, more symmetrical lines or a crazy, more spontaneous design and he elected to do a more uniform, striped pattern.

To Complete DIY Abstract Art You Will Need:

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The Steps:

Next comes the fun part!

We made a big mess, Zoe even contributed by pouring the ModPodge over the entire canvas and making it “extra glossy.” I painted even strokes before Boston laid down tissue and then he painted another thin layer over the top.

I think the pattern he created looks extra festive, summery, and happy. Don’t you? Nearly all the art in my house is made by us and it always makes me happy to wake up to. Check out more of our DIY Wall Art HERE

Everyone is different, but I love how seeing the artwork hang around our house brings back the memory of creating it with my kids. This will most likely hang next to our oversize Canvas Egg Art we made last Easter.


The canvas dried within an hour and viola! Boston’s custom canvas DIY abstract art!


This project was so simple, so fun, and allowed him to step outside his comfort zone and experiment with a new medium. Just like most creative projects, with every person, every art project is different and that’s what makes it awesome. Yours with your kids will be totally unique and look absolutely, impossibly, amazingly, perfect. Have fun!


DIY Tissue Paper Abstract Art



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