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This thick, romantic braid is so easy to do and is a great way to switch up your basic side braid. In less than 5 minutes, you can be out the door and receiving compliments. Seriously. You won’t even need to practice this one over and over again until you’ve perfected it- this braid truly is that simple. Are you ready?

DIY Loose Thick Braid

Most of the time, I love having long hair, but sometimes it can get overwhelming and I just want it off my face in something other than a messy top-knot. This super-simple braid tutorial looks more interesting than a plain ponytail while still keeping your hair out of the way. Read my other hair tricks and beauty recipes HERE

Step 1:

Divide your hair in half and bring both parts to the front.

How To Make a Thick Loose Braid

Step 2:

Starting from the outside edges of each side, dutch braid your hair all the way down until you run out of hair.

Tips to Make a Thick Braid

Step 3:

Secure with a hair tie. You will look like you have a bizarre beard in this step. My kids always want me to leave it like this. Haha!

How To Make a Thick Mermaid Braid

Step 4:

Now slowly flip your hair up and over your head. This should be simple and your loose looking braid will not fall out.

How to make a thicker braidDIY Long Hair Braid

Ta da! See how easy that was? I love how elegant this braid looks. Secure it was hairspray and your ready to go!

DIY Loose Thick Braid

Since my hair has lots of layers, I can’t braid it all the way until the end and always run out of hair about 6 inches before my baseline ends. If you are like me, that’s OK.

This braid has become my go-to when my hair is falling flat, I didn’t have time to let it dry all the way, etc. I’m always surprised how well this loose braid stays in tact throughout a busy day. Try this out the next time you are short on time and let me know if you have any questions!

Thick Loose Braid Tutorial