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This clay is so much fun, feels amazing in your hands, and resembles porcelain after it’s dried. The feel in your hands is nearly identical to Crayola’s Model Magic. Trust me guys, your kids are going to love it! Mix some up on the next rainy day, when you want to keep the kids busy, this weekend…… whenever really.

We made a batch recently and the kids spent hours sculpting unicorns, owls, bowls, and snowmen. After it’s dried they painted their tiny figures and were so incredibly proud of their work. This clay honestly is my new favorite. We’ll be using it to make our Christmas ornaments this year, grandparents gifts, and I even used it to make baby foot and hand prints.

When Zoe was born, it was so important to me that I preserve her teeny tiny foot and hand prints in one of those white-dough casts, but salt dough wasn’t cooperating and my pride just wouldn’t allow me to buy a pre-made one. This dough worked beautifully and I love how her little prints are displayed in my office as part of my gallery wall


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How To Make It:

  1. Pour all the ingredients into the pot and mix until smooth
  2. Cook on Low-Med setting until the mixture changes consistency and starts to have the consistency of mashed potatoes
  3. Remove the mixture and let it cool in the large bowl. Place the damp towel over the top to preserve moisture.
  4. PLAY! Once the clay is cool enough to handle, mold it, sculpt it, and add prints into it.
  5. To harden, let the clay air-dry overnight.

We had so much fun with this and I hope you do too!

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