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When you don’t have a lot of extra time but you’re itching to make something new, I love to make jewelry. These DIY leather teardrop earrings just may rival the leather feather earrings we made a few months ago or the Joanna Gains inspired earrings from last autumn. But that’s just my opinion- what do you guys think?

Easy DIY leather boho earrings tutorial

These earrings come with a totally free printable template with three teardrop sizes so you can choose what style suits you best. You can also use the template to stack the leather to create different tiers, layer them, or create unique waterfall effects. Being free to come up with your own designs is part of the fun after all!

Perhaps my favorite thing about leather earrings is how they can create a big statement yet be so incredibly lightweight. Leather is so versatile and since you can make so many different sets and styles from a small piece of craft leather, they are relatively inexpensive to make as well. Make one for you…. and one for a friend!

Get The FREE Template For This Project:

DIY Leather Teardrop Earrings Supply List:

My supply lists are 100% shoppable for your convenience! If you have any questions about the tools and materials I’ll be using to make these leather teardrop earrings, just click any item below to learn more on Amazon.com.

DIY leather teardrop earrings

How To Make Leather Teardrop Earrings

After printing out the free template above, cut out the earring size you like most in card stock. I prefer using card stock paper for my printable templates because it holds up better if I am making several leather teardrop earrings at a time.

Lay your paper template over your craft leather and trace the design with a pencil. By using a pencil, you can keep these marks light and avoid any ugly finishes when your earrings are complete.

Simple DIY leather boho earrings jewelry making tutorial

Remove the paper template and cut our your teardrop shape. You can fold the leather in half to slice a hole in the center circle to make it easier. Repeat this process to make two identical leather teardrop shapes.

DIY leather boho earrings jewelry making tutorial from scratch!

Now that the basic shape of your leather teardrop earrings are complete, its time to punch holes. Use the smallest hole in your adjustable leather hole punch available. Keep it close to the top so it’s easy to slide your jump rings through, but not so close that your leather will rip.

DIY leather boho earrings jewelry making tutorial from scratch

Now take an open jump ring and use your jewelry pliers to slide it through your newly punched hole. Then, slip an earring fish hook through the back end of the jump ring before closing it back up with your pliers. You could leave your new earrings like this… or we could get even more creative.

DIY leather teardrop earrings jewelry making tutorial

I had some deerskin lace on hand that matched my craft leather too perfectly to leave out. To create a simple tassel, just fold your lace in half, slide it through a closed jump ring, and then pull the two loose strands through the leather hoop on the opposite side. Pull it tight before carefully opening the jump ring and attaching it to your leather teardrop earrings.

DIY leather teardrop earrings easy jewelry making tutorial from scratch

Now that your earrings are complete, it’s time to wear them! Or, if you’re anything like me, it’s time to make more in different styles and colors and get even more creative. Keep your favorites and give the rest away as gifts this Christmas this year.

As always, if you have any questions while you are making his tutorial, please don’t hesitate to ask! I absolutely love hearing from you and am more than happy to help.

DIY leather teardrop earrings easy jewelry making tutorial with free printable template

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