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It seems like everyone has a few boring t-shirts they could do without. They clutter up our closets, get lost in our dresser drawers, and take up valuable space. That’s why today, we’ll be covering 5 easy ways to upcycle t shirts and put them to good use!

5 Easy ways to refashion your tshirts

1. Create An Open, Woven Back T-Shirt

This t-shirt refashion looks complicated but is surprisingly easy to do. I even included a handy little DIY video for you to follow along. When you are done, you’ll be ready to weave details in your leggings, hoodies, and more. It’s all the same technique so don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and get creative!  Find the tutorial HERE.

Refashion a basic tshirt with this easy weave tutorial DIY

2. Make This Summer Dress From 2 T Shirts

The open sides and tie-front make this the perfect dress for farmers markets, hot days at the beach, or concerts. The best part? This is probably the only backless dress that you can still wear a regular bra with and it will never show. Plus, you can make this little number with no sewing required! See the full DIY HERE

Tshirt refashion into this sexy summer dress

3. Make An Asymmetrical Ruffle Shirt

This tutorial is a more feminine, pretty take on your basic t-shirt refashion. With this DIY, I’ll walk you through each step to create a polished, more finished look you’ll be excited to wear every day.

There’s something timeless and sexy about a one-shoulder top. Upcycle t shirts to make this stylish top in under an hour. The pdf graphics make this DIY super-simple and you can be wearing it this afternoon. Read the tutorial HERE.

Make this 1 shoulder shirt from an old tshirt

4. Add Studs & Embellishments For A New Look

Straightforward, simple, and inexpensive, this DIY walks you through how to apply real hardware to your old basics to create an entirely new look. Find the full DIY HERE.

How To Add Studs To A Basic Shirt . A Clothing Refashion Idea

5. Create New Designs With Bleach Pens

A standard bleach pen gives you complete control to draw detailed and custom graphics on your old clothes. Update everything from jeans to t-shirts with this simple technique. Click HERE to see how.

How to make a DIY Bleach Pen Dress. Full step by step Tutorial

I hope you really liked this short list of creative ways to refashion a t-Shirt! Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out my other refashion DIYs HERE. 

5 super simple ways to upcycle t shirts