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With it being January and all, you wear a beanie often anyways. Why not make it pretty with a little extra bling on it? In today’s tutorial, we’re going to¬† make a jewel embellished beanie using a broken necklace. Cute right?

DIY an embellished beanie from a recycled old necklace

I’m not sure how many broken necklaces you happen to have on hand, but this one paired nicely with a black beanie I wore all the time anyways. I love the contrast and extra detail the embellishments add. If you don’t have broken jewelry, you can always pick up some beads from a local craft store or use rhinestones, studs, or even iron-on transfers to make a look that’s totally your own.

Make your own embellished beanie from a recycled old necklace

It seems like all over the runways and in high end boutiques, we seeing jeweled beanies and extra embellishments. Why not? After the cold holiday, I personally love having something a little extra pretty that I can wear all the time to being on the new year. Here’s a few (aff.) ideas from big-name designers to give you some extra inspiration before we begin.

Time & Skill:

Easy/ Beginner

15 Minutes

Supplies To Make an Embellished Beanie

Plain Black Beanie
Matching Thread
Hand Sewing Needle
Jewelry Pliers

DIY a trendy embellished beanie from an old necklace


  1. Remove the chain from the necklace using jewelry pliers (there is a link above for the ones I love)
  2. Place the jewelry across your beanie and decide what looks best. You may separate each pendant more to create a more interesting look, or choose to only use the center stone. It’s your beanie. You decide what looks best!
  3. Thread your hand sewing needle
  4. Starting from the inside of your beanie, attach the embellishment in place.
  5. Slide on your new embellished beanie and enjoy!

Tip: By looping your thread in between the stones, the thread will stay less visible

This little beanie would pair well with the Velvet Infinity Scarf DIY from earlier last month or the No-Sew Jacket tutorial. Since all of these projects take no more than 20 minutes, you could have a jacket, scarf, and hat all in less than an hour!

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Video Tutorial:

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DIY an embellished winter fashion beanie from a recycled necklaceDIY an embellished beanie from a recycled old necklace .DIY an embellished beanie from a recycled old necklace



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